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The central office of Florenza Resources & Research Centre is located in Ruteng,the capital of Manggarai District. The district is approximately inhabited by 500.000 population that is also known as a students' town, with a total of 18.253.810 students studying in 233.388 primary schools(National Statistic, 2007).

Another Centre is developed in Paang Lembor, Western Manggarai District. There are 18.253.810 students in this district.The major focus in Paang Lembor is to empower the local community in collaboration with the Florenza Research Research Centre for establishing reading activities, basic computer training, and training students with local skills.

Other location is in Kisol, Eastern Manggarai district. The activities are relatively same as in Paang Lembor. We can not, of course, help all students from very low economic background in the three districts due to lack of financial support we have. But we try hard to involve the local community members in a variety of activities in achieving the shared-goals.

Improving quality of Flores primary education