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Why do we need Resources Centre?

In the current rapid development of scientific knowledge and information technology,Florenza Resources Centre commits to empower young generations in three major ways. First, aiming at achieving better improvements in literacy of poor kids and teenagers in Flores,Florenza Resources Centre provides library to be accessed freely by student members from disadvantages family background. The students are then required only to register as a member of the Florenza Resources Centre.

Second, Florenza Resources Centre then assists the children members with basic computer training and writing skill.

Third, in a partnership with Newcastle Support Group, Florenza Resources Centre provides scholarship for five outstanding members each semester. The scholarship is limited to provide school fee for the children.

In sum,the Centre provides resources to empower future generations with roles and responsibilities in variety of life skills in order to prepare them facing the challenges of global progress in science and technology.


Accomodation at So'a Hot Spring, Mengeruda,Flores
This picture shows one of Flores cultural identity




Library Open Monday to Friday

From 9am to 9pm

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Improving quality of Flores primary education