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You may keen to know who we are. We have been involved in the educational research and community development in the area of School-Based Management, English as foreign language, and local curriculum.

Here is where we get a chance to tell you a little about ourselves and the major focus of the Centre.

Agus Bandur

My primary school, where I studied from 7 am to 1 pm without morning tea, was located in SDK Wae Bangka, Western Flores. As it's located about 6 km from home, it took about an hour to reach the school walking up and down a hill. What I hate was the grass along the hill creating us wet every morning on the way to school. However, I will forever remember how my mom hit me sometimes in the morning and accompanied me to a view point on the hill from where she noticed me entering my very poor classrooms. I'm also proud of my teachers particularly in terms of the way they motivated us in teaching-learning process.

I then entered Immaculata Catholic junior secondary school (1989-1992), Setia Bakti Catholic High School (1992-1995), Ordo Fransiscan Minorum (OFM) (1995-1997), St.Paul Catholic College (1998-2002), and the University of Newcastle (2005-2008).

I've limited working experience, among others: English teacher at St.Fransiskus Xaverius High School, as well as the head of male boarding school, lecturer at St.Paul Catholic College, teacher at Linuwel Steiner School, Maitland, Newcastle,Australia, and research assistant at the University of Newcastle during my PhD candidature at the University.

Margareta Maria

Prior to entering Junior and High School of St.Claus Kuwu, Manggarai, I studied at Ruteng Satu Primary School and graduate in 1990.

As I was keen to be a nurse, I leave Ruteng Flores for Jokja, where I studied Nursing Academy. Since graduate, I leave Flores for Newcastle, Australia in early 2006. I spent wisely my time in Australia by involving in English language courses run by the University of Newcastle and local neighbourhood centres.

Yusta Say

After I graduated from primary school in my home town, Ruteng, I was enrolled at St.Claus Junior and Senior High School. Then I did Nursing Degree in AKPER Kupang. At the moment, I am working in the public hospital of Kupang.

In approriate to our qualification, the Centres primarily focus on education and health.

Improving quality of Flores primary education